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About Our Business

At European Climate Policy we focus on the areas of the European Green Deal, ecological and energy transition, circular economy,  research and innovations, digital transformation and AI, other polices of the European Union, which require the universal technological transition.  We are young, self-employment bases firm, with great experience of EU polices and with an excellent connections across EU institutions.  

We work with EU institutions, mainly with the European Parlament and European Commission, in partnership with the number of well-known consultancies, universities, research groups and individuals from the European Union - Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Poland, Belgium, also from USA, India, Switzerland,  Malaysia and China. 

The European Climate Policy coordinates newly established informal Transatlantic group Club Climate Alfa, submits for Futurium platform of the Transatlantic Trade and Technology Council.   We also work with Azerbaijan mission by EU and with office of MEP Blinkeviciute.

At European Climate Policy, we understand the needs of our clients, to make them at the heart of our business. We do not count the hours and put best of our efforts. 

We are emphatic, polite and co-creative. We always listen and ready to help. We lead by an example. 

Our team of experts is ready to help you develop EU strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future. Give us a call or email to set up your first consultation.

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